The Welding Gang Ltd.

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We are always ready to collaborate with you to make social goodness and sustainable business realities.

  • "Link businesses to social innovations"
  • "Adaptive introduction of newly developed technologies"
  • "Discover real values for customers and make your business grow"
  • "Rearrange websites and marketing tools to enhance the strategy"
  • "Generate bidirectional business flow over the boundaries"

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Our Services

We offer wide variety of planning and production services to help organizations' communication strategy even better.

Planning, development, production and management of website
Planning and production of movie content
Planning and production of CSR reports
Content marketing
Planning and production of brochures and documents
Production of presentation materials

Our Business

We have been active in the area of marketing planning, sales promotion, advertisement and content production for more than 20 years. We are proud of experienced marketing assistance mainly for BtoB clients. Now, we are getting started for new challenges. Besides, we opened an original website to explore new approaches of information visualization.